DadPad Privacy Policy

We know how valuable your data is, and how hard you work to keep it private. We agree with that thinking, and we want your information to be private as well.

Identity & access

When you register with DadPad, we ask for your name, email address, and a phone number. That information lets us keep the people who use DadPad safe, and lets us send you invoices, reminders about your account, and give yuo abilities like changing your password or inviting another user. We NEVER sell or give away your information. We also don;t use it for any marketing, or any use outside of running DadPad’s business.

When you ask us a question through our support pages, we will keep the information you give us. That let’s us identify things that could be made easier, and let’s us have a reference library in case the same thing happens again. When you download and use the DadPad App, we keep track of what is clicked and how often, and if you go ahead and register or not. This let’s us work on conversion, and helps us to understand how new text descriptions or layouts are helping with sales. If you give us a testimonial, we will also save that for as long as we need it.

We only share your information if:

  • You have given us permission to provide it concerning another product or service. As an example, you may want to have us help you subscribe to a news letter about the elderly.
  • If we feel that you are doing something illegal, or have violated our Terms of Service, or as otherwise required by law.

Law enforcement

No warrant, no information. Period. If law enforcement asks us for data, they will have to give us a court order. If that happens, we will notify you about the event, unless that court order tells us we can’t let you know.


All data is encrypted when it is sent between our severs and your computer. We use SSL/TLS when that data is sent.

Data isn’t encrypted while it’s live in our database (since it needs to be ready to send to you when you need it), unless required by law. However, our servers are in secure locations, and we work hard to make sure the very best data security is in place at all times.

Deleted data

When you cancel your account, we’ll delete all of your data within 30 days. We keep it around that long in case you change your mind. When you make a change on the web interface, it takes effect immediately and those changes are not reversible.

Changes to this Policy

We may make changes to this polity from time to time. If the policy changes, you may receive an email about it, or we may require you to accept the changes before using the web site again.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please email and we will be happy to assist you.

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