How DadPad Works

DadPad is very easy to use.  It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!


1 – First, Add a New Recipient

A ‘Recipient’ is the person who will be using the tablet.  Registration is quick and easy, and we ask for very little information. You can usually have a Recipient added in about a minute. Once they are added, you won’t have to do much else with their information.

Entering your Recipients Date of Birth allows us to wish them a happy birthday, and also lets us track the age of our users.  That helps us to design better, more age-specific screens for your loved ones.

By entering your Recipients City and Zip Code, we can personalize some information for them, such as weather, their time zone, and other information.

The ‘Advanced’ Dashboard type  gives you the most flexibility.  If, over time, your Recipient has trouble with more than a few buttons, you can limit the interface to 6 big buttons just by changing the Dashboard type to ‘Basic’.


2 – Now, You Can Start Adding Content

We have a library of content already in place for you, and it is growing constantly.  However, if you are looking for something we don’t have, you can always add some custom content yourself.  It just takes a minute to add custom content, and then it will show up in your content list.

You can select as much or as little content as you want.  Selecting content from the library just makes it easier for you to add the content to your Recipient’s tablet.  We will take a look at that next.



3 – Then, Just Assign the Content to the Recipient’s Tablet

We let you drag a piece of content from the left, and drop it on one of the empty spaces on the right.  You have four levels of content available.

At the top is Subjects, like Sports or Cooking.

Next, we go to Categories.  Under Sports, a Category may be Football.

Football is pretty big, so we have an Interest.  For Football, we might have interest of NFL or NCAA.

The lowest level is Destination.  Here, if you have chosen NFL as your Interest, you can pick up to six destinations that your Recipient can go to.  This may be things like your favorite team, their roster, news about the team, and other fun information.

Once you drop something in place, just click on it and you will be taken to the next level.  Very easy!



Like Magic, Your Content Shows Up on the Tablet!

Notice how simple the interface is.  Big buttons.  Big text.  Very easy to navigate.

We give you the option of locking down the tablet so that only the DadPad App can run.  That way, your recipient can’t get out into the standard screens and get lost.

The interface is simple.  The big buttons in the middle let you go to your content.  Tap one, and you will get the next set of information.

The Right Now button lets you send quick links, like an article, an address, or anything else you want to send.  The button with the cloud on it can rotate between Weather, Time, and other content at your discretion.



Want to help improve DadPad?

Easy to set up.  Easy to use.  Easy for everyone.