Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use a web site to administer DadPad?
Right now, yes. We are working on apps for Apple and Android devices, but the web interface will give you advanced features like drag and drop, and is generally simpler to use.

Why do you only support iPads?
Honestly, because of the cost of testing. We made a business decision to support iPads because we know exactly how they will behave. Even though there are features of Android tablets that we would like to use, it was just too expensive to test multiple platforms while we were starting up.

What kind of iPad do I need?
The iPad must run iOS 6 or later. You don’t have to have a cellular data plan, but it can help if your iPad Recipient will be away from WiFi access much of the time. You will need WiFi if you don’t have a data plan.

Can I share content between Recipients?
DadPad content that you add, called Custom Content, can be shared among any of the Recipients that you manage. Each account can have up to 5 Recipients. See our pricing page for more details.

Does the Recipient have to remember a password, or enter a security code?
Nope. We designed this app to centralize security on our servers. Once the initial user token is entered to authenticate the iPad to the DadPad service, we don’t need the Recipient to enter anything else.

If there is no password how do you keep information secure?
First, we don’t store sensitive information on the iPad. Any sensitive information is stored on our servers which are in a secure environment. Second, we can get rid of any content on the DadPad just by letting you flip a switch on the web site. It basically gets rid of any data on the iPad, but we keep the content and setup you have worked on so you can put it back in place when you are ready.

What happens if the iPad is lost or stolen?
We agree, that is bad. If the iPad is misplaced or stolen, you log on to DadPad, click a button, and the content on the DadPad app is wiped away the next time the DadPad app connects to a network. When you get a new iPad or find the one that was lost, just re-enter your code and everything will download for you again.

Is there any sensitive information on the iPad?
Well, we don’t have any sensitive content. If you add a destination that is sensitive, that is up to you. We won’t put the recipients name, address, phone, or other important information on the iPad. You can choose to do so if you want to.

Will DadPad run on an iPhone?
Sure. But the text will be so small it won’t be pretty. We are optimized for tablets, and recommend against going smaller than that.

I have an Android phone or tablet. Can I still use DadPad?
You can certainly work as an administrator for a Recipient with an iPad, but for right now we don’t have a Recipient app on Android devices.

What if my parent can’t use DadPad?
Unfortunately, some people just can’t figure technology out. If that happens, just cancel. That is one of the many reasons we don’t have contracts. It either works for you, or it doesn’t. We understand.

Do you have contracts?
No. Let me repeat that. No. No contracts. No no no no no. We are trying to help you, not lock you in to something you don’t want or need. If DadPad works for a while, we are glad to help. If it stops working, we are happy we could help for a bit. Just cancel and we won’t bill again.

Do I need to have a data plan for iPad?
That is up to you. Having a data plan gives your recipient the ability to be mobile. If you don’t need that, plain old wifi is just fine.

Are your servers secure?
We use servers that are housed in Amazon data centers. We use secure data transmission to your iPad. Overall, it is very secure. There is no way we could do it better than, so we let them take care of the hard stuff for us.

How many Recipients can I have?
Up to 5 per account. We just charge differently for multiple Recipients. If you need more than 5, you will need to set up multiple accounts. See our pricing page for details.

How many administrators can I have managing content?
As many as you want. Our pricing is based on the Recipients, not the administrators. Bring in hundreds, or thousands. Or maybe just two. We will make sure they only do what they are supposed to do.

When will you have an Android app?
Ah, yes, the Android app. We will have that. Later. I promise.